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Explosion-Proof Materials

We are selling the entire shelf of explosion proof materials shown below for $400.00

Miscellaneous Electrical Parts

New, Used, Spare & Obsolete Electrical Parts in Ottawa

Marcel Electric Inc in Ottawa, Ontario, would like to share some great deals on some of the spare parts we’ve gathered over these years. Some are used, some are new, but all parts come at a great bargain! To purchase a part, please give us a call to arrange a pickup time. Hours and location details are listed on the Contact page.

Manual Starters

Manual Starters

Marcel Electric has a large selection of manual starters, such as:

• 12 pcs. Siemens SMF FG1P (1 Pole, 277 Vac 1hp, 230Vdc 75hp)

• 3 pcs. Cooper AH6810U-C (30a 240v, 20a 600v, 1ph2)

New in the box for $20 each


some of our breakers

Used Breakers & Fuses

We also have several used breakers at half price from CEB, Commander, Blue Line, Taylor, and Pushmatic. Marcel Electric also has over 100 I.T.E. 15A single pole bolt-on breakers for just $5.00 apiece. We also have an assortment of 302 fuse pullouts and fuse panel blocks, including the amalgamated type (# 5000546).

Just some of our many breakers.



• 35 pcs. - 1 1/4" Connectors (.35 each)

• 450 pcs. - 1" Couplings (.25 each)

• 110 pcs. - 1" Connectors (.25 each)

• 150 pcs. - 3/4" Couplings (.20 each)

• 350 pcs. - 3/4" Connectors (.20 each)

• 200 pcs. - 1/2" Connectors (.20 each)

hilti shots

New Hilti Shots and Pins

Selling the following for $400 for everything:

• 680 Concrete collated nails X-ZF 27MX

• 200 nails X-NK27S12 for the DX400B and

   the DX450

• 3000 clean-tech cartridges includes 1700

   cal 6.8/11m for the DX36M, 350, 450/451/a

   and a jar of single nails.

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