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Checking Wiring in Ottawa: Preventative Maintenance & Much More

A lot can change about a building’s electrical wiring over the course of a year. Marcel Electric Inc provides preventative maintenance services to test the safety of plugs, switches, and lights, while replacing or repairing any items on an as-needed basis. Upon checking wiring in an Ottawa building, we often find unsafe or illegal wiring that was completed after initial wiring. We can help bring the wiring in your home or building up to code.

Smoke Detector Verification

We verify the proper function of your detector using a safe aerosol spray to trigger the actual detection mechanism within the smoke detector. This is type of test is recommended annually. Marcel Electric Inc can provide this service on an annual contract for apartments, strata, and commercial establishments. We have done this type of service for Ottawa Community Housing Corporation and Urbandale Corporation.

Thermographic Surveys

We can help find a potential problem and repair it before it causes a power failure or fire. Hot spots are located to show damage to equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced. Thermal imaging can help pinpoint areas that are prone to fire, whether due to improper wiring or overloading. Following the survey, if any problems are detected, we can provide you with a free quote on any repairs that may be needed.

Contact us today to schedule preventative maintenance services for your building.

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