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Rewires & Electrical Upgrades in Ottawa from Experienced Electricians

We complete service upgrades, rewires, and electrical upgrades in Ottawa for homes and businesses throughout the area. Our team has a lot of experience rewiring recreational rooms as well as basements.

Knob & Tube Rewires

If you have an older home that still uses a knob and tube wiring system, we highly recommend our rewiring service. Many insurance companies no longer offer coverage on homes with knob and tube wiring setups due to the many instances of property damage due to fire.

Copper Tailing for Aluminium Wiring

In the mid-1970’s, many homes were wired with aluminium. Although this cut down on the cost of installation, aluminium wiring has shown to be less safe and efficient than its copper counterpart. In order to bring your aluminium-wired home up to the current safety codes, we offer a service known as “copper tailing” which adds copper wire to your existing aluminium wire.

Service & Panel Upgrades

As a member of the Authorized Contractor Program (ACP), Marcel Electric is approved by Hydro Ottawa to complete service and panel upgrades. We can replace old fuse panels with breaker panels.

Hot Tub & Pool Hookups

For your hot tub or pool, our experienced technicians can complete wiring and grounding to ensure everything is set up properly and especially for the safety of your family or guests. We also do wiring for any lighting elements that may be involved.

Contact us today if you require electrical upgrade services or if your home or commercial space needs rewiring.

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